Never Ending Nomad

It all started with a podcast. Well that’s probably not entirely true. This site was born because I, Travis Longmore, once a semi-professional whistler, decided to make a life change. I’d tried my hand at travelling the world as a photographer and filmmaker but was finding things quite difficult as the travel landscape changed right before my eyes.

The days of National Geographic being the most sought after creative travel job was now being replaced by independent¬†social influencers. It’s a bizarre time to be alive and on one hand it’s enabled thousands more people to pursue their passion at the same time as an industry has crumbled around us. With the rise of social media and affordable digital cameras as well as cheaper international travel the world was ripe for change.

20 years ago, to get a job at the National Geographic it was a fairly simple process. The jobs of those influencers travelling the globe and being paid to do it was anything but simple – at least in my eyes. I was curious how they were making a living and managing to do the job I’d once thought I’d pursue while shooting for a magazine. I began asking the more famous ones how they did it and to my surprise they all began to actually tell me.

I never thought I’d get a response because that meant revealing how they’d managed to take their skills and make a living doing what they loved most. I thought they’d protect their secrets and want to continue for as long as they can but that never happened. Instead, I got emails back with long, in-depth¬†replies telling me all sorts of details and stories. I began to get really excited and start to implement some of the things I’d learnt.

It wasn’t until after my first paying travel gig that I realised I had to tell the world all about this stuff. But I wasn’t the expert. I’d only dipped my toe in it and I wanted to learn far more before I ever thought I’d be able to pass it along. So rather than just talk with these amazing people one on one, I began recording the conversations for a Podcast to share all the things I was learning.

That was the very beginning of this entire process and now I’ve interviewed dozens of incredibly talented people and travelled further than I ever thought I would. I’ve got a long way to go and am still learning but the origins of this site are probably exactly the reason you’ve found it too. The Podcast is still running and I’m still talking with travellers from around the globe. Take a look around this site and don’t forget to share with your friends too. That’s what it’s all about right?